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HUAO believes that design is a solution to a problem, not a single effect.

As the most creative interactive design team in China, HUAO has always maintained an independent design language.


We always believe that times are the hour hand of individual consciousness,

while design is the scene embodiment of times, and interaction is the visual art of art and technology collision.

In the accelerated process of the new era, the rapid changes in urbanization and informatization are full of too many disorderly and meaningless choices.

We are more convinced that clear, clear, temperature design belongs to this era, and interactive design has added the wings of technology to the art of design.




HUAO's attitude towards design has always been committed to cross-boundary integration and innovation,

paying attention to various small surprises in life, exploring the imagination, and jumping off the boundaries of graphic vision through interactive design.

We create new experiences, bring more expectations to active art, and inject new artistic aesthetic experience into technology.

The team of huao gathers a large number of cross-field professionals, from artists, IT engineers, mechanical engineers to space designers, etc. The cross-field gap inspires more imagination and fun.




It is the purpose of the HUAO's team to let technology retain temperature, insert wings for art,

and provide customers with the latest and most complete new form design services.


HUAO has a professional design team with sufficient enthusiasm for each project.

After multiple professional analyses, a more reasonable space design with temperature is provided.



Overall location analysis 整体区位分析


HUAO analyzes the surrounding design of the surrounding audience and the spatial design structure through the location of the project.

Flow line

Human flow line analysis 人流动线分析


HUAO analyzed the flow direction and heat force of human flow in the space, and gave the best flow line and the flow line of different audience groups.


Spatial design analysis 空间设计分析



HUAO has a professional space design team, and the analysis is the first step to the space design, to analyze the indoor environment and extract the creativity of the space design.

Creativity is the most important element of space design and the soul of space design. A good design idea highlights the uniqueness of the design scheme and differentiates it from other designs.

Indoor light

Indoor light analysis 室内光线分析



With the continuous progress of the style and concept of interior design, people pay more attention to the use of spatial structure and light integration in interior design to achieve a brighter and more human interior feeling.

In the process of interior design, HUAO analyzed the interior light and shadow phenomenon of the space to reach the extreme, forming a warmer and pleasant interior atmosphere with more full brightness, more suitable temperature, brighter style under the same illumination.


Summary 小结


From the exhibition hall to the new retail flagship store project, whether commercial or cultural nature, design is the core idea. Based on the feelings and discrimination of many people and things, it is a more critical design language that gives works unique. The Huao design team from different fields with different cultural backgrounds adheres to the concept that the content value is superior to the aesthetic value. Through the presentation of the case, the pure and in-depth exploration of technology, space and human relationship philosophy.

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